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CCTV Drain Surveys

Buying a new home? You may have had a full survey, but ask yourself this question, Did the surveyor check the drainage system?

Probably not.. they may have lifted the lid on a manhole chamber but that does not tell you much about about the integrity of the whole drainage system thats serves your potential new home.

Drains that are leaking, blocked, displaced or infested with tree roots have the potential to cause some serious structural defects.

A blocked drain is unpleasant, however a leaking drainage system can undermine foundations of a property and even cause subsidence issues.

Don't leave it to chance, or the surveyor said that the drain was ok! We have heard that one a lot.

Get in touch with the Blackpool CCTV drainage survey experts, we are fully certified to carry out mortgage drain surveys too.

Find out more.

Drain CCTV surveys and inspection carried out by Blocked Drain Blackpool at a property in Blackpool.

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