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Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs Blackpool

A drain repair in Blackpool, drains repaired in Blackpool and Fylde by the Blackpool drainage company JCS Drainage Blackpool, Blocked, Broken drains repaired.
Drainage Repairs - Drain Installations - Drain Lining

Drain repairs are a daily job for the repair team at Blocked Drain Blackpool, Covering all drainage repairs in Blackpool, Bispham, Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Garstang, Lytham, Fylde Coast and Over Wyre areas.

Drainage repairs should not be left unattended too, the problems will and do get worse very quickly.

Leaking / Leakage from drainage pipes can cause some serious structural  problems to property and along with health issues too.

Here at Blocked Drain Blackpool we undertake a wide range of drain repairs, our drainage repair service is second too none, we carry out Tree root removal and root cutting, Excavations and drain repairs, Drain patch lining, Full CIPP drain lining, Installations of new drainage systems, Garden drainage, Basement drainage and drain re routing of exisitng drains and manhole chambers.

Blocked Drain Blackpool have all our own plant and equipment, this means we can carry out all drainage repairs at fixed unbeatable prices.

And we also hire out mini Diggers too, need a Digger, No problem, we got them here!

We undertake all insurance and contract work across the Fylde Coast, Blackpool, Garstang, Fleetwood, Lytham St Annes and a lot further afield too.

Who is responsible for drainage repairs in Blackpool, more infromation can be found HERE

We are to here to help, 24 Hours a Day. 

Drainage Repairs -  Flooding - Insurance Work Or Private ?
24 Hour - 07889 362 799
Water pump hire Blackpool

Need a drain repair in Blackpool, Garstang, Fleetwood, Lytham St Annes or any Fylde Coast area and not to sure about how to go about it, Do you pay for the drain repair yourself or are you thinking of claiming on your buildings insurance?

Insurance can be a real pain, A lot of our drain repairs do not exceed your excess on your policy, let us take a look and inform you of the best action to repair your drainage system.

Blocked Drain Blackpool are specialists at undertaking drain repairs in Blackpool and Fylde, We undertake all drainage works and install Anti Flood measures carry out insurance works and private works all undertaken and with our many years of experience and backing by some of the best leading loss assessors in the business we can deal directly with your insurance company.

Take the hassle from dealing with insurance claims for drainage problems, let Steve Cavanagh and his dedicated team from Blocked Drain Blackpool sort the problem of dealing with insurance claims on drainage issues on your behalf.

More info please contact us direct

24 Hour - Emergency Water Pumping Service, Pump Hire
& Sand Bags available - Hire or Buy
Drain Lining Services
Drain Lining Experts
No Dig Drain Repairs, Drain lining and patch repair liners Blackpool and Fylde Coast

What is drain lining? whats the difference between patch drain liners and full CIPP drain lining. Blocked Drain Blackpool have been carrying out Structural isolated patch lining for many years. Patch lining is an isolated drain repair which eliminates the need of excavation of the drains, the drain can been repaired by a patch repair kit, this patch liner is placed on an inflatable air bag, using the CCTV drainage equipment it can be placed directly on any open joints, drain fractures, displaced joints, cracked or broken sections Etc Etc, once located on the problem section of drainage the bag is inflated using compressed air, the resin impregnated glass fibre patch repair kit is left until cured and then the bag removed, Hey presto.. Job done. Patch lining and drain lining of drainage systems is sometimes known as a No Dig Drainage repair.


Full length drain liners are installed by Blocked Drain Blackpool, very similar to above but on a much larger scale, the drain liner is cut to the required length of the drain and blown through using compressed air, again the liner is impregnated with epoxy resin, once cured the drain liner is in effect a new drain within the old. Be sure if you are having a drain liner installed ! Is it a patch liner ? or is it a full drain liner, Be sure to choose Steve Cavanagh of Blocked Drain Blackpool for your drain lining and patch lining drainage repairs. Like to learn more about drain lining Blackpool and CIPP drainage lining provided by us?

More info HERE.

Steve and his drainage engineers from Blocked Drain Blackpool are specialists in all aspects of No Dig drain repairs along with pipe bursting, moling and Utilities installations.  installation known as Moling, commonly used for lead pipe replacement of existing water water mains in Blackpool 

Find out more on Lead Pipe Replacement Blackpool visit us Here.

Lining of drains in Blackpool, JCS Drainage contractors are drain lining, No Dig repair experts.
Drain lining in progress by JCS Drainage of Blackpool, Installing drain liners to damaged, Broken, Collasped drains and Sewers across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast
Preparation of the drain liner, ready to be installed into the damged broken drain in Blackpool
Drain Lining Footage - You Tube

Take a look through our CCTV Drain camera of a Drain Liner Installed in Blackpool.

See the Drain CCTV footage here, or find out more about our CCTV inspections Now!

Blocked Drain Blackpool are specialists in Domestic and Commercial CIPP Drain Lining and have been installing lining for over 20 Years, We are Blackpool drain lining experts. 

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