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Blocked Kitchen drain Blackpool

Blocked Kitchen Drains Blackpool ?
 Kitchen Drain Unblocking
Free CCTV Kitchen Gully Inspection!

Kitchen Drain Unblocking Blackpool & Fylde 

Kitchen drain blocked, slow or overflowing?

Blocked Drain Blackpool are experts at unblocking blocked Domestic or Commercial kitchen drains.

Steve Cavanagh and his local drainage experts from Blocked Drain Blackpool have been unblocking, Clearing and repairing kitchen drains for over 20 Years.

We are experts at kitchen Drains, Gullies, Traps and overflowing drainage and kitchen waste pipes in Blackpool & Fylde.

Kitchen drains, Bathroom Drainage we all take for granted, but they do take some hammer, a domestic kitchen drain takes all your kitchen waste water and even bathrooms and roof water, over the years a kitchen drain may become blocked.

Blockages can be caused by many things, blocked sewers, drains, traps, gullies or even damaged or broken / collapsed.

The most common kitchen gully blockage is either food waste, grease or even a build up of leaves.

Grease in drains builds up over the years, even if you do empty and scrape the plates, the liquid grease goes down the gully and solidifies into grease deposits and even Fat burgs.. This causes drainage blockages, slow running sinks & drains and also smells to occur.

Steve Cavanagh and his team can clear a blocked kitchen gully for a fixed, realistic cost.

We offer a Free CCTV kitchen gully inspection on all drains cleared, and all blockages cleared and unblocked are fully guaranteed*


Your in experienced safe, knowledgable hands - Blocked Drain Blackpool - Steve Cavanagh.


Fixed Cost Kitchen Drain Unblocking  Blackpool

Kitchen drain unblocker

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Kitchen Gully Drain Unblocked Blackpool

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Kitchen Drains, Sinks & Pipework Unblocking Service!
Fixed Low Cost Price For Blockage Removal. 
We are the first choice for Blocked Drains in Blackpool & all The Fylde Coast.
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