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Blocked drains Fleetwood
Blocked drains and Sewers in Fleetwood ?
Fixed Cost Unblock just £49 (INC VAT)
Carried out by Local, Friendly drainage experts.

Fleetwood Drainage service is provided by JCS Drains, We are local drain experts and specialists in all aspects of drainage, From a blocked drain, Toilet, Sinks, Baths, Sewer drain, Kitchen drains, Manhole chambers Etc, Etc, to Ditches, Dykes, Culverts, Manholes, Septic tanks and Water treatment plants we cover it all.

Worried about drain clearance costs in Fleetwood!  WELL DONT !!

Our Fixed Fee... £49 (INC VAT)

We are a Local Family run business and not a national Franchise, We offer the cheapest drain clearance rates for the residents of Fleetwood and all the surrounding areas.


Domestic drain clearance Fleetwood, FIXED FEE £49 (Includes Free CCTV drain inspection) and guaranteed 12 Months.

Don't worry, We carry out Commercial drainage works too..

Ongoing drainage issues can be a real thing of the past, JCS Drains Fleetwood can and will diagnose problem drainage using state of the art CCTV Drainage surveying equipment for Domestic or Commercial drainage runs throughout Fleetwood.

Buying a House? Have all the drainage surveyed by the drainage experts, More details about CCTV drain surveys Fleetwood can be found Here.


Emergency out of Hours - 07889 362 799


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