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Septic Tanks Blackpool& Fylde

Septic tanks & Treatment Plants
Blackpool & Fylde 

Septic tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants Blackpool

Off Mains Drainage Specialist

Many of Blackpool home and business owners are on mains drains / sewers and don't have any worries about tank maintenance or environmental requirements for the disposal of waste water / effluents.

Blackpool and Fylde do have many rural areas where mains drainage is not viable option and are currently using septic tanks or treatment plants, these water water treatment plants and tanks do require maintenance, a septic tank should be emptied once per year, every year.

A sewage treatment plant is the way forward for rural drainage requirements, and we install them!

Year 2020 is approaching us fast now and government legislation in in force on septic tanks.

A current old septic tank that discharges into a watercourse requires removal and replacement to a sewage treatment plant (Packaged treatment plant) by the year 2020!


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Buying A Rural Fylde Property?

As with all property or home purchases buying a new home is a very expensive time, a CCTV drain survey is must for either mains drainage systems or rural off mains drainage.

A septic tank survey is also a must, investigations, CCTV and 360 degree images of tank conditions are just a few to mention when buying a property with a septic tank.


Ask yourself these questions?

  •  Where does the tank drain to?

  •  Soakaway? Drainage Field? Watercourse?

  •  Is the outlet drain fit for purpose?

  •  Is the current septic tank fit for purpose?

  •  Has the treatment plant been maintained?

These are just a few to mention, Perforated wavey coil soak away pipes are not allowed for retained effluent release or clay land tiles

( Did you know that?)

Septic Tanks

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